“Textures in Clay” – a workshop with Candone Wharton

October 8 -9, TCA studio, Glenorchy H.S.

Candone Wharton

Candone Wharton is a very accomplished ceramic artist with particular expertise in raku firing, wheel-throwing and a unique basket-weave hand-building technique. She conducts workshops all over the U.S. as well as internationally and if you Google her name you’ll be able to see several sites which feature her beautiful work.The workshop will inspire you with new techniques of surface texture and slab forms. It will open with a slide Continue reading

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Tableware Exhibition Entry Deadline!

Please submit your entries, by close of business day tomorrow, FRIDAY 12, AUGUST, 2016.

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Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual General Meeting, Sept 13th

Members are invited to attend the Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual General Meeting.

Tuesday 13th September; 6.00pm

TCA Studio, Block G, Cosgrove High School Glenorchy

The AGM will be followed by a very short Ordinary General Meeting.

(Please bring along a plate of finger food to share.)

Wanted: great people with good ideas and enthusiasm

we need youLove all things clay and want to be more involved? Always wanted to help in some way? Don’t know much about ceramics but want to learn more? Then join the committee – no previous experience necessary, and it’s a great way to meet other enthusiasts.

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Memberships Due

Renewed or new Memberships will cover July 31, 2016 to July 31, 2017.
Click on the above title of this post, or “Membership” on the black menu bar above, to fill out and submit the form online.

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Upcoming Classes

Mondays Clay with Lisa Wise (Class Filled)


Wednesdays Studio Class with Gary Thompson


Lisa Wise: Ceramic Lessons for Beginners to Intermediate This 10 week
class will include an introduction to the fundamentals of ceramics including
hand building and sculptural techniques, decoration and glazing.

Gary Thompson offers a “fluid-time” class between the hours of 10am-7pm,
where you, the participant, choose your 3 hour time involvement.  This allows for plenty of 1-1
tuition plus time for development of your clay skills.

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Tableware, Wear, Where?

tablewearTableware, Wear, Where?

2016 Tasmanian Ceramics Association
44th Annual Exhibition

Entries for the 2016 Annual Exhibition are now open. Our Exhibition is to be held at the wonderful Moonah Arts Centre so it would be great to see a diverse number of entries from all of our members both new and old, novice, student and professional.

Please remember there is a social media black out on work that will be entered in the show so as to keep the judging anonymous and fair for all entrants. Further details regarding exhibition bump-in and bump-out as well as the opening night and judging will be provided in July. If you have any queries in relation to the exhibition please contact Lisa Wise via lisakwise2015@gmail.com


Tasmanian Ceramics Association Highly Commended
$600 (cash prize)

Tasmanian Ceramics Association Highly Commended
$200 (cash prize)

Derwent Ceramics Supplies Award for Functional Work
$250 (credit for ceramic materials)

Derwent Ceramics Supplies Award for Sculptural
or Non-Functional Work
$250 (credit for ceramic materials)

Habitat Award for Outstanding Interpretation of Exhibition Theme
$50 gift voucher from Habitat plus a Dinnerware and Glassware Set

Artery Award – $50 (art materials credit)

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Mosaic Mischief – A Workshop with Donna Ritchie

Sunday 24th July 10am – 4pm,  TCA Studio, Cosgrove High School Limit 9 spaces Cost $90 for members ($100 for non-members). Price includes all materials to finish a mosaic mirror (or panel)


Have you got bits that have fallen to pieces? Or pieces that have fallen to bits? Have you ever wanted to learn how to piece it back together again in the form of a mosaic? Continue reading

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Ginny Cornrow Workshop

Ginny Cornrow Workshop 1

Quite a few late dropouts from the enrollment list made for a class of only seven at this weekend workshop – which was a great number for those who did attend!

Ginny alternates her time between studios in Seattle and Mexico and her photos of each looked quite idyllic. Her opening slide show demonstrated her mastery of a range of forms, all of which are conceived with an idea of how they will interact with the crystalline glazes.


Ginny first demonstrated her preparation of slabs for subsequent manipulation into trays, platters and vase forms, often laying them over shape-formers of rolled-up plastic, cloth or towelling. She emphasised the need to wait for the right degree of soft leather-hardness before attempting to handwork the clay to minimise the risk of collapse. She also demonstrated the forming of a cylinder from a slab, to be altered later into a gracefully sinuous standing vessel. While the slabs dried she took to the wheel and threw a variety of forms for subsequent modification, sometimes using a canvas mat between the pot and the batt to facilitate separating the work from the batt without recourse to a cut-off wire (worked beautifully).


At later stages we witnessed the transformation of these basic forms by simple but very skillful manipulation with fingers, ribs and pottery knife, producing delicately curved edges to bowls, sinuous curving bulges to vessels and flowing, asymmetric openings. She paid great attention to the rhythm and cadence of these curves and stressed the importance she places on having a mirror behind the piece, when hand-building as well as when throwing, in order to see the whole form as it is being modified. A highlight for me was to see the confident way in which she joined two pre-cut and roughly-shaped slabs to make one of her characteristic elliptical vase forms, which she stretched out from inside and modified the opening with a few deft slices of the knife.

There was much discussion of crystalline glazes (and Ginny was generous with provision of her favourite recipes) and the weekend concluded with a demonstration of glazing with spray gun and airbrush, followed by a short practice session. Ginny had so much to show and discuss that there was little time for hands-on activity but no-one seemed to mind!

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Animal Madness 18 June – 10 July

Animal Madness flier

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Ginny Conrow. Two Day Workshop May 7th and 8th

Ginny Conrow
Workshop fee: $150 (members) or $200 (non-members).

Living and working in the U.S.A., Ginny Conrow is a highly acclaimed practitioner with a particular expertise in crystalline glazes. You can visit her website conrowporcelain.com to see some of the lovely pieces she makes.

Ginny Conrow 1Ginny Conrow 2

On the Saturday morning, after a Powerpoint review of her work, Ginny will demonstrate techniques of throwing and altering and working with slabs, including a variety of flatware slabs.  In the afternoon you’ll be hands-on in the clay, trying out some new altering, throwing and slab techniques. On Sunday morning Ginny will finish her pieces and you will finish yours. In the afternoon she will discuss and demonstrate her air-brush glazing technique and there will be opportunities for you to practise on your own bisque work (which means of course that you’ll need to bring a couple of your own bisque-fired pieces to the workshop).

Please express your interest
Because our studio facilities are limited, this workshop can cater only to a small group so we are seeking expressions of interest to fine-tune our offering. If you are interested, please email John Watson, john@dmink.net , and advise whether you are most interested in the throwing or hand-building aspects, general airbrush-glazing or specifically in crystalline glaze processes.

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