Tableware with Lisa Britzman

When: Sunday October 21st 10:00-4:00.

Where: TCA Studio, G Block, Cosgrove High School, Main Rd, Glenorchy.  For detailed directions go to

Program outline: In this workshop Lisa Britzman will demonstrate some of the tools and techniques she uses when making tableware. These will include:

  • a range of tools you can make for yourself,
  • throwing off the hump using those tools,
  • slab plate making,
  • clay testing,
  • glaze testing,
  • development of prototypes; and
  • sharing samples of her work.

Cost: $80.00 per member

What to Bring: Lunch to share

To enroll:

Workshop participants are limited to 10 so please email Workshop Co-Ordinator Janine on to register.

Payments to be made to

Account name: Tasmanian Ceramics Association
BSB: 807-007
Acc No: 51257814

Please note your Surname and ‘Lisa’ as the reference

WORKSHOP – Conversations with John

After John Watson’s passing, his partner Annette contacted the Association to ask if we would be interested in creating a legacy in John’s name, as an ongoing way of helping other potters.

Dawn Oakford spent considerable time in thinking through the best way to achieve Annette’s wish, while honouring John’s work and creativity.

One of these ways is through a ‘Playing with Slipcasts’ workshop where a number of casts from John’s moulds will be made available for participants to use in combination with their own forms – hand-built, thrown or slip-cast – to create “conversations with John” in clay. Objects may be sculptural or functional. Work created will be available for purchase later and the proceeds will go to the legacy.

Our first workshop will be held at Christine Crisp’s studio on a Sunday to be announced and to begin raising funds for the legacy, a fee of $30 per person will be charged. There will be room for 8 people but the workshop can be repeated if required.

If you are interested in taking part in the above workshop as part of the ‘Conversations with John’ project, please email Christine on

Annual Exhibition Call Out To Members 2018

All members are encouraged to Enter the 46th Annual Members exhibition of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association.

This years theme is:
‘To Have and to Hold’

To be held at the Waterside Pavilion, an attractive, contemporary venue located in the heart of Hobart’s fabulous waterfront district.

Apply online through the link provided on the Tasmanian Ceramics Website menu or click bellow.

The Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual Members Exhibition 2018

WORKSHOP – Ceramics Restoration & Conservation with Penny Byrne

We are delighted to announce that Internationally renowned Ceramic Artist, Penny Byrne, will be coming to  Tasmania to lead a two day workshop on ceramics restoration and conservation in July.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the basics of which glues, fillers and paints to use and how to approach ceramic restoration. Penny will provide a ceramic tile or small bowl for participants to break and then re-stick, and explain materials for filling chips, repainting etcetera. Participants are also encouraged to bring along broken ceramics to mend.

Penny was a keynote speaker at the Adelaide Triennale and teaches courses at the Slow Clay Centre in Melbourne. She has worked as a ceramics conservator and restorer; and exhibited nationally and internationally. Find out more about Penny’s life and work at


Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July 2018

10:00am to 4pm


TCA Studio, G Block, Cosgrove High School, Main Rd, Glenorchy.  For detailed directions go to


$160.00 for members

$210.00 for non-members

What to Bring

Lunch to share

Ceramic pieces to mend


To enrol

Workshop participants are limited to 10 so please email Workshop Co-Ordinator Janine on to register.

Payments to be made to

Account name: Tasmanian Ceramics Association

BSB: 807-007

Acc No: 51257814

Please note your Surname and ‘Byrne’ as the reference




Dawn Oakford will lead this Workshop in exploring imaginative, innovative and inspired ways of continuing to work with clay.

During the course of this one-day, hands-on workshop, participants will explore several strategies to keep their creative juices flowing through group discussions and practical exercises. They will be encouraged to think differently about the techniques that they use, the possibilities of working with others, and how to best convey the concepts that motivate and inspire them. It is also hoped that those taking part will gain more confidence in their abilities to work in a much more intuitive way with clay.

Another outcome of this session may well be the formation of small support and/or working groups to help each other prepare for upcoming exhibitions, resolve production impasses and organize professional development events.

Those taking part are asked to think about & if possible bring along an example of their work or a prototype that they’d like to develop or resolve.


  • Introductions
  • Discussion & listing of individuals’ “creative stalemates”.   Possible approaches will be discussed towards the end of the session.
  • Group exercise – clay provided but participants may like to bring along some of their own tools.
  • LUNCH – Please bring along a plate to share.  Tea, coffee and juice will be provided.
  • Closer consideration of listed “stalemates” + practical suggestions.
  • Close with planning session for future options – preparation for or Annual Exhibition.


 Sunday 18th March 2018

10:00am – 4:00pm


TCA Studio, Cosgrove High School, Glenorchy

For directions visit the Studio page.


$30.00 for members; $50.00 for non-members


Lunch to share.  Tea, coffee and juice will be provided.

To Enrol

Please contact Janine Davison on

We have a maximum number of 12 participants for this workshop (and 11 are already booked).  If the numbers exceed 12, we will be taking names and adding them to a waiting list for cancellations or we will be hosting another workshop.  Date to be announced.

Payments to be made to

Account name: Tasmanian Ceramics Association
BSB: 807-007
Acc. No.: 51257814

Please note your Surname and “Boost” as the reference.

Memberships Due

Renewed or new Memberships will cover July 31, 2017 to July 31, 2018.
Click on the above title of this post, or “Membership” on the black menu bar above, to fill out and submit the form online.

Please include the word studio after your name if you intend to become a studio member.

All studio members are required to undertake an induction session at an extra cost of $20 in order to be given access to the studio.

Mosaic Mischief – A Workshop with Donna Ritchie

Sunday 24th July 10am – 4pm,  TCA Studio, Cosgrove High School Limit 9 spaces Cost $90 for members ($100 for non-members). Price includes all materials to finish a mosaic mirror (or panel)


Have you got bits that have fallen to pieces? Or pieces that have fallen to bits? Have you ever wanted to learn how to piece it back together again in the form of a mosaic? Continue reading Mosaic Mischief – A Workshop with Donna Ritchie

Ginny Cornrow Workshop

Ginny Cornrow Workshop 1

Quite a few late dropouts from the enrollment list made for a class of only seven at this weekend workshop – which was a great number for those who did attend!

Ginny alternates her time between studios in Seattle and Mexico and her photos of each looked quite idyllic. Her opening slide show demonstrated her mastery of a range of forms, all of which are conceived with an idea of how they will interact with the crystalline glazes.


Ginny first demonstrated her preparation of slabs for subsequent manipulation into trays, platters and vase forms, often laying them over shape-formers of rolled-up plastic, cloth or towelling. She emphasised the need to wait for the right degree of soft leather-hardness before attempting to handwork the clay to minimise the risk of collapse. She also demonstrated the forming of a cylinder from a slab, to be altered later into a gracefully sinuous standing vessel. While the slabs dried she took to the wheel and threw a variety of forms for subsequent modification, sometimes using a canvas mat between the pot and the batt to facilitate separating the work from the batt without recourse to a cut-off wire (worked beautifully).


At later stages we witnessed the transformation of these basic forms by simple but very skillful manipulation with fingers, ribs and pottery knife, producing delicately curved edges to bowls, sinuous curving bulges to vessels and flowing, asymmetric openings. She paid great attention to the rhythm and cadence of these curves and stressed the importance she places on having a mirror behind the piece, when hand-building as well as when throwing, in order to see the whole form as it is being modified. A highlight for me was to see the confident way in which she joined two pre-cut and roughly-shaped slabs to make one of her characteristic elliptical vase forms, which she stretched out from inside and modified the opening with a few deft slices of the knife.

There was much discussion of crystalline glazes (and Ginny was generous with provision of her favourite recipes) and the weekend concluded with a demonstration of glazing with spray gun and airbrush, followed by a short practice session. Ginny had so much to show and discuss that there was little time for hands-on activity but no-one seemed to mind!