Annual Exhibition. Asylum



Official Opening 6pm Friday the 6th of November

‘Asylum’ is the theme of the 43rd annual exhibition of ceramic art staged by the TCA since its inception in 1972.


1. An institution for the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance.
2. A place offering protection and safety; a shelter.
3. A place, such as a church, formerly constituting an inviolable refuge for criminals or debtors.
4. The protection afforded by a sanctuary.
5. Protection and immunity from extradition granted by a government to a political refugee from another country.

The TCA will invite members to exhibit to the theme of ‘Asylum’. Artists are requested to respond to the theme and may make a number of approaches dependant on their relationship and connection with the theme.
The overall premise of the exhibit is for the ceramic artist to communicate emotions or ideas around ‘asylum’.
Artists works will be accompanied by an Artist’s Statement, which will present the fundamental underpinning of the piece and its significance and/or representation.
The exhibition will be displayed on plinths, the floor and walls of the gallery.

 Note*  The committee asks that exhibitors please not share any images of their exhibition works on  any social media platforms (facebook instagram, tumblr, twitter etc) or personal websites prior to judging

Entry Form is Available to download HERE  => Asylum Entry Form