“Australia’s Great International Ceramics Festival 17th-23rd April 2016”


Clay Gulgong


Clay Gulgong 2016 is bringing together leaders in the fields of ceramics, art writing and education for a week-long program of learning, ideas and festivity. Over 500 delegates will be arriving from around Australia and the world for this unique art festival.

The festival will be held in a region of rural north-western New South Wales, that is globally recognized for its strong links with the field of ceramics.

From April 17th – 23rd, the old gold rush town of Gulgong will be transformed into a lively hub of demonstrations, talks and activities. With renowned artists and thinkers flying in from across the globe, the week-long program aims to explore processes and ideas within the ceramic field.

Keith Brymer-Jones, from the BBC2 program The Great Pottery Throw Down; and curator Marta Donaghey of London’s Centre for Contemporary Ceramics will be in attendance, alongside prolific ceramists from Italy, Norway and the Netherlands.

Some highlights of this year’s program include Beth Cavener (USA), who is making her first-ever visit to Australia to share her practice alongside Alessandro Gallo (USA/Italy). Both artists are renowned for their evocative animal sculptures which they craft meticulously, commentating on the human condition.

We will also be welcoming writer and curator, Moyra Elliot, who is bringing with her seven of New Zealand’s best ceramists to work on a collaborative project for the duration of the festival.

Accompanying the daily demonstrations will be a series of lectures, presentations and panel discussions on topics ranging from education and critical arts writing to the future of ceramics as an art form.

After all these years, traditions of family and community remain at the festival’s core and at the end of the week, guests are invited to visit Morning View – the Mansfield family farm for a day of experimentation, entertainment, fire and fun.

The full list of Masters is as follows:

Akira Satake – Japan/USA
Alessandro Gallo – Italy/USA
Alexandra Engelfriet – Netherlands
Beth Cavener – USA
Garth Clark – USA
Ian Jones – Australia
Jack Troy – USA
John Neely – USA
Keith Brymer-Jones – UK
Mark Del Vecchio – USA
Marta Donaghey – UK
Merran Esson – Australia
Paul Davis – Australia
Peter Callas – USA
Rafa Perez – Spain
Simon Reece – Australia
Torbjørn Kvasbø – Norway

We will also welcome the following guest artists from New Zealand:

Brendan Adams – NZ
Chuck Joseph – NZ

Jim Cooper – NZ

Lauren Winstone – NZ

Matt McLean – NZ
Moyra Elliot – NZ

Steve Fullmer – NZ

Mark Teseschi QC AM – the festival official photographer

Christopher Allen – gives his views on ceramics in a stand-alone talk as well as joining the highly anticipated writers panel.


$480 for a weekly pass, or $325 if you are a full-time student. Day passes are also available.
Registrations can be made at www.claygulgong.com/shop


Please make all enquiries about Clay Gulgong 2016 to the Festival Manager, Siobhan Mansfield at event@claygulgong.com or 0447 241 826.

Facebook: facebook.com/mansfieldceramics

Instagram: @mansfieldceramics

Twitter: @claygulgong