China painting and on-glaze decoration for beginners

Run by Alice Hutchison.

This workshop will provide a hands on introduction to the use of china paints, lustres and other onglaze decorative techniques.

Dates: 24th of September and 1st of October.

Time: 10am till 3pm

Cost: $60

Materials needed:

Palette Knife

Paint Brushes (fine, synthetic)

Glazed Tile/glass panel (for pallet)

Fine pointed Calligraphy nib/pen (stainless steel and very hard)

3 Ceramic items to decorate- white preferable, store bought is fine.

Note- This class will be using gum turpentine, if you are allergic please contact  me prior to the date for alternative material.

To enrol please contact Alice Hutchison at

Project design and development class – With Alice Hutchison

An eight week night class to develop, refine and complete a personal project with one on one assistance. The class will focus on the students projects, providing a chance for all skill levels to produce a beautiful piece of art (functional or not) to take home.


Dates: August 3rd to September 21st.

Day/Time: Thursdays, 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Spaces: 6

Costs: $300 per person total. $100 deposit to be paid prior to the first lesson. Refund available if cancelling before the 31st of July.

Alice Hutchison is a ceramic artist from Hobart Tasmania. She has an Honours degree in fine art and has been practising ceramics for over 8 years. 

Specialising in wheel throwing and porcelain, she also has adept skills in slip casting, hand building, sculpture, china painting and glaze theory. 
Her own work spans from dinner sets, to installation art and sculpture. 

To enrol Contact:

Materials: Students will be responsible for their own clay and firing costs.
Recycled studio clay is available at $1 per kg. Clay and ceramic materials can be purchased at Derwent Ceramic Supplies,16A Sunderland St, Moonah.
Firing costs are, $3 per kg for bisque, $3 per kg for earthenware, $3.50 per kg for mid-fire and $3.50 per kg for stoneware.  


Upcoming Classes

Saturday Adult Ceramics Class

Gary Thompson is back and holding Saturday Adults Ceramics Classes from 9am-1pm for the 10 weeks of School Term 3 2017, beginning on 22 July.  Participants choose their 3 hour session within this time frame.

Our Class will be held at the Tasmanian Ceramics Association Studio, G Block, Cosgrove High School, Main Road, Glenorchy.  There is ample parking near the Studio.  During the classes, you will have full use of all the Studio equipment and facilities.   Tea/coffee access in the kitchen is available for a small cost.

You will be encouraged to work on clay projects that suit and challenge your experience level with 1-1 tuition. Hand building and wheel work demonstrations are part of each session.  Decorating and glazing methods are also part of the safe handling of materials, the vital OH&S practice in Studio.

Recycled studio clay is available at $1 per kg.   For all other clays, tools, brushes etc, I recommend Derwent Ceramic Supplies at 16A Sunderland St, Moonah.

TCA firing costs are extra at $3 per kg for bisque, $3 per kg for earthenware, $3.50 per kg for mid-fire and $3.50 per kg for stoneware.  Gary will take care of firing, packing and unpacking your work from the kilns.

Class begins on Saturday 22 July for the 10 weeks through to Saturday 23 September. There is a Class limit of 10 people.  The class fee of $250 is payable at first lesson to Gary.

To register for this class and to receive enrolment details of your Saturday Adult Ceramics Class please contact Gary via email