Spoons Spoons Glorious Spoons.

The Summer weather in Tasmania this year has been a bit iffy, the sort of weather where you pack sunscreen as well as a woolly jumper just in case. But this weekend the sunshine decided to really beam furiously down onto Hobart as if to make up for its absence recently.

It was very HOT as only a 36 degree Tasmanian day can be and so I was delighted to be able to welcome 23 intrepid spoonmakers into the Tasmanian Ceramics Associations studio yesterday.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThere was much hilarity and camaraderie and thanks to Gary, our studio manager,  for setting up the fans in the room so none of us melted.

Quite a few of the people who came along yesterday had not ever made a spoon before and I think that there will now be a SPOON EXPLOSION in Tasmania because we had so much fun.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe reached our target of 350 spoons and filled up the back of Dawn Oakford’s station wagon with crates full of spoons. Dawn will be (with help) doing a once firing of the spoons in the near future and we shall be calling for glaze volunteers to help us with the next stage of our spoon promotion.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIf you have been following along with the adventures of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association,  you will be aware that Hobart is hosting the Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2018.

In July, representatives of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association will be heading up to Canberra to enjoy the 2015 Australian Ceramics Triennale, Stepping up. Our spoons will be included in the delegates bags and have a card attached to them with the Cerameco logo and the slogan “food for thought” to encourage attendees of Stepping Up to think and plan towards our event in 2018.

I would like to personally thank everyone who came along to our spoon making day, it was a fabulous effort in very hot conditions and I am sure you will all agree the spoons are absolutely fabulous.

Kim Foale