Glaze Workshop with Mark Knight

40-years-in-the-making_-18-17-Mark-Knight-4956Mark Knight image by Robin Roberts

There are a number of new members using our studio, who are ready to step up to the next level with their ceramics, and a proper appreciation and knowledge of glaze theory is critical for your future development.

Mark Knight an experienced studio potter has formulated a hands on glaze workshop that is ideal for beginners. This three part workshop, conducted over 3 days, will introduce you to all the skills needed to go forth and create fabulous glazes of your own.

Over the first 2 days you will learn:

•    How to weigh, mix and sieve glaze

•    How to apply glaze to a test tile you make yourself in the first workshop and to achieve         the most results from the one test

•    An easy line blending technique to show how one glaze may have many variations

You will need:

•    Your own stoneware clay

•    Small lidded bucked/ice cream container

•    Dust mask

•    Underglaze pencil (optional) or fine paintbrush

On a third afternoon there will be a short discussion about the fired results.

All recipes will be shared to provide a folio of glazes and each participant will have a complete set of test tiles.

Dates: 10th and 31st of October  with a 9 am start, with the third day to be decided by participants

Cost: $40 for members $75 for non Members

We need 10 participants for this course to go ahead, otherwise we will reschedule to early next year.

please register your interest by emailing Kim Foale at