Tasmanian Ceramics Association Annual Exhibition Asylum – 2016 JUDGES’ REPORT & COMMENTS

Asylum invite 2

The judges – Christl Berg & Bill Taylor – were very appreciative of all the hard work and effort behind each and every exhibit. They enjoyed the insights into the theme of Asylum that each work provided and wished to congratulate all the artists involved.

Robin Roberts (No: 19 Long Faces) – winner of the Award for Overall Excellence

This powerful work conveys containment and the inescapability & cruelty of confinement. The judges commended the attention to detail – the individuality of the faces, and the strength of the raku fired surfaces against the wires of the birdcage – a clever means of bringing the issue into the domestic realm.

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Joanna Larke (No: 11 Do You Like My Pants?) – Highly Commended Award 1

A very poignant work that seems to delve into the nightmare of what it might feel like to not fit anywhere or into anything.

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Carolyn Canty (No: 4 My Island Ho-o-ome) – Highly Commended Award 2

This piece portrays the safety of an island but also the vulnerability of its isolation. It effectively expresses the duality of sanctuary and desolation via the figure atop the tree and the fallen palm frond.

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Belinda Thomas (No: 2 Talking in Tongues with Joan of Arc, Joan Rivers & My Achey Breaky Heart) – Award for the Most Imaginative Response – (to the exhibition theme).

A courageous and complex approach to the theme. Visually engaging, this collection of anatomical forms alludes to potential entrapment.

(This award is a one-year membership to the Australian Ceramics Association.)

Editors note, I will post photos of all the winners and exhibition entries when I receive them all.